Vocabulary of TOEIC (5)

–  expo 

informal an exposition

– exposition

1 a full explanation of a theory, plan, etc.

2 an event at which people, businesses, etc. show and sell their goods; a TRADE FAIR

– creek

a small narrow stream of river.

– layout of venue

– allocations of the booths

– booth

1 a small partly enclosed place where one person can do something privately, such as use of the telephone or vote

a voting booth.

2 a small partly enclosed structure where you can buy things, play games, or get information, usually at a market or a FAIR.

a crafts booth.

3 a partly enclosed place in a restaurant, with a table between two long seats.

– get some shape to our idea

– I prefer it around that time.

– You got hold of S&O? Wow, that’s a big game.

– set up an appointment

– at the front line of bio-fuel development

– give prestige to

the respect and admiration that someone or something gets because of their success or important position in society.

The king wanted to enhance his prestige through war.

– highlight our strength


Vocabulary of TOEIC (4)


TOEIC presents English Upgrader 5th Series
第8回 「価格交渉」Price negotiations

★ quotation

① a sentence phrase from a book, speech etc which you repeat in a speech or piece of writing because it is interesting or amusing.

→  a quotation from the Bible.

② a written statement of exactly how much money something will cost  → estimate

→ Ask the builder to give you a written quotation for the job.

③ the act of quoting something that someone else has written or said.

★ quote

① a sentence phrase from a book, speech etc which you repeat in a speech or piece of writing because it is interesting or amusing.

→  a quotation from minister’s speech.

② in quote words that are in quotes are written with quotation marks around them to show that someone said those words.

③ a statement of how much it will probably cost to build or repair something

→  Always get a quote before proceeding with repair work.

→  Could you tell me which AC headset model you got your quote for?

★ convertible

①  an object that is convertible can be folded or arranged in a different way so that it can be used as something else

→ a convertible sofa.

② able to be exchanged for the money of another country.

→a convertible currency.

③  a financial document such as an insurance arrangement or a bond that is convertible can be exchanged for money, stocks etc.

★ on the table ⇒ 検討中、審議中

★  top-of-the-range ⇒ 最上位機種

★ scrape up ⇒ なんとかかき集める

★ lean toward〜 ⇒ 〜のほうに傾く、傾倒する

★ knock the price down ⇒ 価格を大幅に下げる

★ I can assure you that

★ you will be getting your money’s worth with our headsets,

★ no way close to our budget

★ we can’t scrape that much up no matter how hard we dig into our pockets

★ come across a question

★ border members

Vocabulary of TOEIC (3)

★ Arizona (written abbreviation AZ)

〇 a state in the southwest of the US, north of Mexico that has a large area of desert. Arizona is popular with tourists, many of whom come to see the Grand Canyon

★ Phoenix

〇 the capital and largest cit of Arizona, US, known as a place that is extremely hot, where many old people go to live, and also as a city that is growing very quickly.

★ Chapter 11

〇 Chapter 11 is a chapter of the United States Bankruptcy Code, which permits reorganization under the bankruptcy laws of the United States.

★ frantic

① extremely worried and frightened about a situation, so that you cannot control your feelings

get/become frantic

〓 There was still no news of ill, and her parents were getting frantic.

〓 Your mother’s been frantic with worry wondering where you’ve been.

② extremely hurried and using a lot of energy, but not very organized

〓 I spent three frantic days trying to get everything ready.

frantic effort/attempt

frantic pace/rush/haste etc

★ wholesaler <-> retailer

〇 a person or company who sells goods

★ wholesale <-> retail

〇 the business of selling goods in large quantities at low prices to other business, rather than to he general public

★ retail

〇 the sale of goods in shops to customers, for their own use and not for selling to anyone else.

★ fellow

① fellow workers/students/countrymen etc people that you work with, study with or who are in the same situation as you.

② our fellow man/men other people in general

〓We all have obligations to our fellow men.

★ boutique café

★ awful (adj)

① very bad or unpleasant

〓The weather was awful.

② spoken used to emphasize how much or how good, bad etc something is.

An awful lot of people (=a large number of people) died in the war.

③ look/feel awful to look or feel ill

〓 She’s lost a lot of weight and she looks awful.

④ literary making you feel great respect or fear.

★ forge

① to develop something new, especially a strong relationship with other people, groups, or countries

forge a relationship/alliance/link etc (with sb)

② to illegally copy something, especially something printed or written, to make people think that it is real.

〓 Someone stole my credit card and forged my signature.

★ forge ahead 

〇 to make progress, especially quickly


file for Chapter 11 〓 チャプター11を申請する

look no further than A 〓 A以外探さなくてよい

You’ve called the right place. 〓 私どもにお電話いただいて正解です。よくぞお電話くださいました

trade-not-aid 〓 援助ではなく取引を

net 30 〓 全額を30日以内に支払う

stateside 〓 アメリカ本土の、アメリカ本土で

Vocabulary of TOEIC (2)

1 Procurement Department = 調達部門 (jp) = 採購部 (zh)
2 at a meeting
3 onion soup = オニオンスープ = 蔥湯
4 retort pouch = レトルトパウチ = 蒸煮袋
5 Japanese Food Sanitation Act = 日本の食品衛生法
Sanitation : the protection of public health by removing and treating waste, dirty water etc.

   Overcrowding and poor sanitation are common problems in prisons.

6 adhesive = 接着剤

a substance such as glue that you use to stick two things together.

   waterproof adhesive

8 Could I have you spell out your name please? is used to ask about other’s name spelling.
9 put a rush on〜 〜を急がせる

Vocabulary of TOEIC (1)

(1)  When picking up the phone, one should say XXX speaking as the examples below.

Richard: Product Planning & Sales, Richard speaking.

Phil: Thank you for calling Green Forest Naturals, Phil speaking. How can I help you today?

(2)  By saying Got a sec? to ask someone if they have time for a talk.

(3)  Shoot means 話して

(4) flagship store means 本店

(5)  If something seems hard to handle, you can say that’s a tough one  as below.

Joanne:How about we push back the meeting to Friday next week?

Richard: Oh boy, that’s a tough one

(6) smack adv

1 exactly or directly in the middle of something, in front of something etc

smack in the middle/in front of sth etc

We’re smack in the middle of preparing for the year-end sale at the Fresno outlet store in Huntington.

(7) rock climbing means 岩登り

(8)get our act together means 準備を整える

We’ve got only 10 days left to get our act together

(9) Can you believe that? is used mainly to express something out of your imaginary.

(10)  have someone sub for 〜means  誰かに〜の代理になってもらう

I think it is best that you have someone sub for you for the Monday meeting since I’m all tied up next week and rescheduling is out of the question at this point.

(11) sympathize 

1 to feel sorry for someone because you understand their problems.

I sympathize, but I don’t know how to help.

I can sympathize with those who have lost loved ones.

2 to support some’s idea or actions [+with]

The public sympathized with the miner’s strike.

(12) tad

a tad

a) a small amout

‘ would you like some milk?’   ‘just a tad.’

b) slightly

It’s a tad expensive.

A tad inexperience but a smart kid.

(13) drop one’s jaw(顎) means あっけにとられる、唖然とする

(14) honeycomb means ハニカム または 蜂の巣

(15) awesome 

1 extremely expressive, serious, or difficult so that you feel great respect, worry, or fear.

an awesome responsibility

the awesome seep of the scenery

2 especially Ame informal very good

Their last concert was really awesome.

(16) synthetic 

produced by combining different artificial substances, rather than being naturally produced

synthetic chemicals

(17) fiber means 繊維

synthetic and organic fibers

(18) take the trouble to contact me in person means わざわざ直々に連絡してくれる

(19) you do your thing means 君のやりたいようにやる

(20) Well that’s news! is used to express surprise.