Goodbye my

It’s unbelievable that I just finished watching all the episodes in ten seasons.

The <Friends> is definitely an indelible mark on my experience of learning English. I have been learning so much from this sitcom. It conveys me so much about American humors and the invaluable  things between friends.

Friends are essential parts in their everyday life. Even they may quarrel with or cheat each other, but nothing big could prevent the fact that everyone becomes more and more important in the other ones’ life. It seems like a big family whose members are always ready to help together with their full heart.

I kind of feel such a pity not to be born earlier to match the time that it was on air, then I can just enjoy this show without knowing anything what would happen in the next episodes. What an interesting thing that could be.

At the last scene, six friends and two twin babies left behind the apartment which had been the center pot of them, I almost cried out.

OK, goodbye <Friends>, I will always love you. Because of you, I fell love with English and America.


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