The mysterious number 0

Today, it costed me nearly ¥4000 to buy some books in Book Off.

I have got some books which I become very interested in recently, but the happiest thing is to find an English one named <A Practical English Grammar>, because I have been seeking some book about English grammar the whose new books are so expensive  that I cannot afford it. But I have gained one just at the price of 500 yen.

In the metro coming back home after finishing my part-time job, I delved too deep into one book named <感動する!数学> so that I missed the transfer station. Thought I just read the first chapter, the most impressive part of what I have read is about the number zero. We’re too familiar about this number, but I have not known that zero is created by ancient Indian inspired by the eastern philosophy as described below.




and There are also some other interesting topics and mathematicians  mentioned in the book as below.

1  the reason that there is no Nobel prize for mathematics.

2  John Napier best known as the discoverer of logarithms.

3  Carl Friedrich Gauss (ガウス、高斯)


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