Vocabulary of TOEIC (5)

–  expo 

informal an exposition

– exposition

1 a full explanation of a theory, plan, etc.

2 an event at which people, businesses, etc. show and sell their goods; a TRADE FAIR

– creek

a small narrow stream of river.

– layout of venue

– allocations of the booths

– booth

1 a small partly enclosed place where one person can do something privately, such as use of the telephone or vote

a voting booth.

2 a small partly enclosed structure where you can buy things, play games, or get information, usually at a market or a FAIR.

a crafts booth.

3 a partly enclosed place in a restaurant, with a table between two long seats.

– get some shape to our idea

– I prefer it around that time.

– You got hold of S&O? Wow, that’s a big game.

– set up an appointment

– at the front line of bio-fuel development

– give prestige to

the respect and admiration that someone or something gets because of their success or important position in society.

The king wanted to enhance his prestige through war.

– highlight our strength


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