Vocabulary of TOEIC (3)

★ Arizona (written abbreviation AZ)

〇 a state in the southwest of the US, north of Mexico that has a large area of desert. Arizona is popular with tourists, many of whom come to see the Grand Canyon

★ Phoenix

〇 the capital and largest cit of Arizona, US, known as a place that is extremely hot, where many old people go to live, and also as a city that is growing very quickly.

★ Chapter 11

〇 Chapter 11 is a chapter of the United States Bankruptcy Code, which permits reorganization under the bankruptcy laws of the United States.

★ frantic

① extremely worried and frightened about a situation, so that you cannot control your feelings

get/become frantic

〓 There was still no news of ill, and her parents were getting frantic.

〓 Your mother’s been frantic with worry wondering where you’ve been.

② extremely hurried and using a lot of energy, but not very organized

〓 I spent three frantic days trying to get everything ready.

frantic effort/attempt

frantic pace/rush/haste etc

★ wholesaler <-> retailer

〇 a person or company who sells goods

★ wholesale <-> retail

〇 the business of selling goods in large quantities at low prices to other business, rather than to he general public

★ retail

〇 the sale of goods in shops to customers, for their own use and not for selling to anyone else.

★ fellow

① fellow workers/students/countrymen etc people that you work with, study with or who are in the same situation as you.

② our fellow man/men other people in general

〓We all have obligations to our fellow men.

★ boutique café

★ awful (adj)

① very bad or unpleasant

〓The weather was awful.

② spoken used to emphasize how much or how good, bad etc something is.

An awful lot of people (=a large number of people) died in the war.

③ look/feel awful to look or feel ill

〓 She’s lost a lot of weight and she looks awful.

④ literary making you feel great respect or fear.

★ forge

① to develop something new, especially a strong relationship with other people, groups, or countries

forge a relationship/alliance/link etc (with sb)

② to illegally copy something, especially something printed or written, to make people think that it is real.

〓 Someone stole my credit card and forged my signature.

★ forge ahead 

〇 to make progress, especially quickly


file for Chapter 11 〓 チャプター11を申請する

look no further than A 〓 A以外探さなくてよい

You’ve called the right place. 〓 私どもにお電話いただいて正解です。よくぞお電話くださいました

trade-not-aid 〓 援助ではなく取引を

net 30 〓 全額を30日以内に支払う

stateside 〓 アメリカ本土の、アメリカ本土で


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