Vocabulary of TOEIC (2)

1 Procurement Department = 調達部門 (jp) = 採購部 (zh)
2 at a meeting
3 onion soup = オニオンスープ = 蔥湯
4 retort pouch = レトルトパウチ = 蒸煮袋
5 Japanese Food Sanitation Act = 日本の食品衛生法
Sanitation : the protection of public health by removing and treating waste, dirty water etc.

   Overcrowding and poor sanitation are common problems in prisons.

6 adhesive = 接着剤

a substance such as glue that you use to stick two things together.

   waterproof adhesive

8 Could I have you spell out your name please? is used to ask about other’s name spelling.
9 put a rush on〜 〜を急がせる


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