Vocabulary of TOEIC (1)

(1)  When picking up the phone, one should say XXX speaking as the examples below.

Richard: Product Planning & Sales, Richard speaking.

Phil: Thank you for calling Green Forest Naturals, Phil speaking. How can I help you today?

(2)  By saying Got a sec? to ask someone if they have time for a talk.

(3)  Shoot means 話して

(4) flagship store means 本店

(5)  If something seems hard to handle, you can say that’s a tough one  as below.

Joanne:How about we push back the meeting to Friday next week?

Richard: Oh boy, that’s a tough one

(6) smack adv

1 exactly or directly in the middle of something, in front of something etc

smack in the middle/in front of sth etc

We’re smack in the middle of preparing for the year-end sale at the Fresno outlet store in Huntington.

(7) rock climbing means 岩登り

(8)get our act together means 準備を整える

We’ve got only 10 days left to get our act together

(9) Can you believe that? is used mainly to express something out of your imaginary.

(10)  have someone sub for 〜means  誰かに〜の代理になってもらう

I think it is best that you have someone sub for you for the Monday meeting since I’m all tied up next week and rescheduling is out of the question at this point.

(11) sympathize 

1 to feel sorry for someone because you understand their problems.

I sympathize, but I don’t know how to help.

I can sympathize with those who have lost loved ones.

2 to support some’s idea or actions [+with]

The public sympathized with the miner’s strike.

(12) tad

a tad

a) a small amout

‘ would you like some milk?’   ‘just a tad.’

b) slightly

It’s a tad expensive.

A tad inexperience but a smart kid.

(13) drop one’s jaw(顎) means あっけにとられる、唖然とする

(14) honeycomb means ハニカム または 蜂の巣

(15) awesome 

1 extremely expressive, serious, or difficult so that you feel great respect, worry, or fear.

an awesome responsibility

the awesome seep of the scenery

2 especially Ame informal very good

Their last concert was really awesome.

(16) synthetic 

produced by combining different artificial substances, rather than being naturally produced

synthetic chemicals

(17) fiber means 繊維

synthetic and organic fibers

(18) take the trouble to contact me in person means わざわざ直々に連絡してくれる

(19) you do your thing means 君のやりたいようにやる

(20) Well that’s news! is used to express surprise.


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