Try to delve into myself

Since came back to Japan from China, I have been reading the book called Natural Language Processing in order to prepare my research plan for entering Tokyo Institute of Technology as a post-graduate student. Though I have read the book over once, I cannot focus my attention to write anything about this topic.

Since I have planed to pursue a career in Computer Science, I have to deprive myself from chaos and spend my spare time deliberately to forge ahead. Thus I registered WordPress to recording intricacy in my oversea student life. On the other hand, I really don’t want anyone else to know it because the stuff saved here is not anything to be disseminated. I am committed to make this website to be a therapeutic place for me to escape from some kind of tension. So it’s definitely possible to be a tapestry.

From today on, I will try my best to achieve my goal !

今日から、本格的に一生懸命に自分の目標を目指して取り組みます! 頑張るぞ!


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